“I am the captain of my soul…”

Our authentic selves are a work in progress – a continuous learning experience to immerse ourselves in. This is our greatest liberty but can also be our greatest terror. When we realize that we are in complete control of our realities, that we are the sole commanders of our spirits. We are the sole director of our essences. It’s a beautiful but also perplexing realization to come to. On one hand we are able to recognize the infinite potential that lies within ourselves… The notion that anything, truly anything is possible – it can ignite a fire within our souls. What starts as a small flame can burst into a smoldering wild fire. And suddenly we are filled with life and light.

But it’s not easy – we must continue to tend to this blazing heat that is within us. And while it never truly burns out, sometimes this passion can feel dulled or frozen. I’ve noticed in my life, in my own journey that this flux and flow is a constant. I am inspired yet bewildered at the same time as I strive to navigate this life on this planet in this moment in time. Endlessly seeking. Continuously observing. And ever evolving.

Admittedly I get caught up – as so many of us often do. Caught up in trying to be “something.” To make something of myself. To curate a life that is “ideal” for me. Live a certain way. Look a certain way. Be a certain way. But I think this is where the internal trouble begins. When we think so hard about who we want to “be,” we can forget who we truly are. When life becomes a continuous search we will always be looking. We are always changing. We are always evolving. Progress is always being made in one way or another, even through the negativity, through self-doubt. Even the rough times, the moments where inspiration is lacking – these instances are just as precious.

It takes commitment – an uncompromised dedication to our highest selves and our wellbeing, whatever that may mean to each of us personally. There’s an equilibrium to being committed but also not stretching ourselves too thin, taking on too much for our minds to handle. Balance is an art – achievable for all but not necessarily easy to maintain.

In a world where there’s so much stimulation all around us – it has become easy to be completely absorbed in something in the mundane materiality around us – glued to technology, to social media, constantly checking our phones, an incessant need to be in the know. I watch as others do it – yet fully aware that I’m a reflection of them and thus am just as bad as they are. We rely on this need to connect to the outside world that is so powerful, so manipulatively deceiving that we forget about ourselves. We lose sight of the spirit, the fire that burns within us. This inner energy that lights our fire, ignites our divine passion. We are living. But to live we must learn to “be.” We must never lose sight of ourselves – forget to tap in and separate our essence from our relentless minds. We must learn, first and foremost, that we are responsible for our own happiness and our own misery. Self-love is so vital, no matter how impossible it may be. Self-respect. Self-appreciation. Inner peace. Whatever you want to call it. And internal light will ultimately guide us to our truths, ease our decision making process, balance our souls.

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley

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